Victorian Lake Home Restoration

Parrett collaborated with Robert J Erdmann Design on this exquisite Victorian styled home from the 1860’s. Parrett manufactured hung windows, pushout casements, and fixed window units for this residence.

Spiral balance double hung windows were specified in either mahogany or vertical grain douglas fir depending on the installation location within the home. Both rectangle and archtop (Variation 3 Style) hung windows were factory-mulled as requested to facilitate an easier jobsite installation. These spiral balance windows had several unique features such as custom sash and checkrail dimensions and also had a 1-1/2” overall sash thickness. Storm window panels featuring exposed hangers (see photo at right) were also integrated. This unique system consisted of removable sashes featuring screen mesh that are used during warmer months which can be interchanged with sashes featuring insulated glass for use during colder weather. A variety of unique glass was utilized within the hung windows, with a mix of single pane clear tempered, single pane leaded glass, and vintage restoration glass being utilized. Lastly, all hung windows were machined for Security Magnetic Switches which were installed at the jobsite along with Nanz hung window locks and lifts.

The pushout casements featured a narrow 2-1/4” sash width and incorporated multipoint locking hardware for smooth, easy operation as well as exceptional weather sealing performance. Hinged inswing screens with high transparency mesh were also utilized. The fixed windows in this home matched the sightlines and design of the operable pushout casements, enhancing the view from this already beautiful lakefront property.

All windows constructed of mahogany received (2) coats of primer on both the interior and exterior. The douglas fir units had primed exteriors and unfinished interiors to facilitate stain & clear coating at the jobsite. Parrett also manufactured custom profile exterior casing for these units with some casings up to 5-1/4” wide and featuring custom profiling. This was another residential project that Parrett was proud to be a part of!

“The home needed extensive remodeling and it became clear right away that new windows by Parrett would provide all the benefits of modern energy efficiency & superior weather protection, and the necessary historic look. The added bonus is that Parrett windows open and close almost effortlessly making it easy to recommend them to my discerning clients.”     – Robert J Erdmann Design