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For Security and Beauty Choose Optimum

Optimum is a custom family-owned window and door manufacturer in the United States, known for providing a wide range of high-quality fire-rated and non-rated steel windows and doors. One notable aspect of Optimum’s offerings is their focus on fire-rated products. Fire-rated windows and doors play a critical role in ensuring the safety and protection of buildings. They are designed and tested to withstand specified requirements, providing an added layer of security and compliance with building codes. The availability of such a comprehensive range of fire-rated options allows architects and builders to integrate these crucial safety features seamlessly into their designs.

Optimum History

Established in 1985, Optimum Window has rapidly gained recognition and made a significant impact in the steel window industry. The key driver behind their growth over the past few decades is their unwavering commitment to safety and design excellence. As a custom window and door manufacturer, Optimum Window collaborates closely with architects to create designs that not only meet the highest safety standards but also seamlessly integrate with popular architectural themes.

Why Choose Optimum 

Durability – Optimum windows and doors combine beauty and structural excellence to create products that stand the test of time.

Safety – Built to stand up to the toughest standards in fire safety, Optimum products offer safety and property protection without detracting from architectural design.

Visual Appeal – Optimum uses both hot and cold rolled steel to produce narrow sightlines and sturdier yet slimmer frames. This allows you to enjoy the look you want without compromising quality or safety.

Diverse Design – By incorporating both traditional and arched profiles, Optimum creates designs that can blend into traditional style or stand out for a more contemporary look.

Optimum’s extensive product range caters to a diverse array of projects, including commercial, residential, and landmark buildings. Whether you’re working on a modern commercial space, a luxurious residential property, or a historically significant landmark, Optimum is dedicated to transforming your design visions into reality.