Custom-built & Hand Crafted Windows & Doors Built to Last

We carry only the highest quality windows and doors from Parrett. We are proud of Parrett’s products, and we know you will be too.

Why Choose Parrett

Attention to detail. Parrett hand crafts every product, which means unparalleled quality whether you’re looking for a historic reproduction or a specialty hard wood. Every product is checked for exact specifications, so you can trust it will fit perfectly.

Range of styles. While Parrett started with historic reproductions, their windows and doors work just as well in new construction homes as in historic houses. They cover the full style range.

Reputation for excellence. Parrett is trusted by architects and contractors because they have a proven reputation for excellence in skill and craftsmanship. If you care about your home and want to use products that add value, you’ll choose Parrett.

Exact fit. Before sending out products, Parrett’s team checks everything to make sure the windows and doors meet the specifications and measurements you need. Since measurements are the key to tight fit and accurate performance, it’s critical that your supplier care about getting the fit exact.

Energy efficient products. Parrett’s line of windows and doors are built to deliver the best possible performance, last for years to come, and need little to no maintenance. If you’re looking for an energy efficient window that outlasts the others, you’ll choose Parrett.

Ready for a challenge. If you’ve got a challenging job, Parrett is equipped to handle it! Their stable of skilled craftsmen are always ready for a new, specialty project — and you can rely on their service excellence to meet your needs!

If you would like more information on Parrett products for your next project, contact us today.