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Products Built for How You Live with Marvin

Marvin offers an impressive collection of window and door products categorized by degree of design detail, flexibility, and customization.  At Assured, our primary focus centers around the Modern and Ultimate product lines within the esteemed Signature® Collection by Marvin. These window and door products consist of Wood, Clad-Wood, and High-density Fiberglass (HDF) with Aluminum Interior. The Signature Collection is a hallmark of Marvin’s design leadership and customer-focused innovation made to inspire truly exceptional spaces with architectural precision and aesthetics in mind.

Marvin History

Marvin’s history dates back to the early 1900s when it began as a grain elevator and lumberyard in Warroad, Minnesota. Over the course of more than 110 years, Marvin has been producing high-quality, made-to-order window and door solutions while staying true to its origins. As a fourth-generation family-owned and led company, Marvin has upheld its values and dedication to craftsmanship throughout its long history. This commitment is reflected in the exceptional quality of their products that enhance the lives of homeowners, fostering happiness and health in their homes.

Why Choose Marvin

Design for The People – Marvin’s products are designed for how people live and work by imagining new ways to help them feel healthier and happier in the spaces where they live, work and play.

A Natural Connection – Warm sunlight, fresh air and a connection to the natural world can instantly change the mood of a home or office. Marvin designs their products to make that connection feel seamless—even in the most challenging of spaces.

Thoughtful Ideas – Marvin is committed to design that is as functional and intuitive as it is beautiful. Crafted with exceptional skill, their products deliver quality you can see, touch, and feel, beauty that brings joy, and performance that stands the test of time.

Pushing Boundaries – Rather than meeting expectations, Marvin pushes the bar to elevate the standard for excellence. Whether they are replicating historic millwork, engineering uninterrupted views or improving energy performance, they look for what can be done better — and then design it.

By emphasizing both aesthetic appeal and functional performance, Marvin strives to provide customers with an industry-leading experience from start to finish.